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At Genius Group of Institutions, we believe in shaping well-rounded individuals through sports. The School’s mission is to enhance the lives of students through Sports in School. Merit in sports and games is expected to build students character, confidence, team spirit and robustness. Sporting facilities have been planned with exacting attention to details. These include Swimming, Skating, Rifle Shooting, Team sports, Athletics and Indoor Games as well. We provide an exclusive integrated sports ground, containing outdoor track and field facilities. Included on each campus are sprawling practice fields for Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis Court and cricket practice nets. We also provide indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and many more.

In our pursuit of sports excellence, we aim to offer a well-coordinated and strategic sports coaching approach for talented students. Our vision extends beyond individual achievements; we aspire to have our accomplished athletes inspire others, fostering a robust sports culture within secondary schools. Together, we aim to create an environment where sporting passion and skill development thrive.

Our commitment to sports extends to offering diverse opportunities for a multitude of students. Through skill development and instilling sportsmanship values, we aim for excellence while nurturing individual talents. We inspire students of all ages to reach their full potential, emphasizing fair play and fostering a team spirit philosophy. Engaging in both local and national competitions across various sports, we also run recreational programs to ensure a well-rounded sporting experience for everyone.

Our students have consistently demonstrated excellence in various sports, earning numerous titles and garnering respect as formidable competitors on the national schools circuit. Notably, we were honored as the 2nd Best School in the Rajkot District Khel Mahakumbh 2016, a testament to our students' outstanding achievements and contributions in sports.

The Genius Sports Academy is a specialized program catering to budding sports enthusiasts aged 10 and above within our school campus. We provide comprehensive training sessions for different sports during evening batches. Our coaching approach is rooted in scientific principles, emphasizing skill development and proper nutritional guidance for the holistic growth of our students.

Sports Achievement

The management of Basketball Ground of Rajkot Municipal Corporation located in Race Course Ground was handed over to Genius Group of Institutions from the year 2019-2020.

Different Sports and Games Covered in the School Campus are:

Indoor Games Like (Ring Toss, Basketing the Ball For Preschoolers, Carom, Chess, Table Tennis)


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