Formative Assessment


The Crucial Role of Assessment in Academic Progress:

Assessment stands as a cornerstone for improvement within our academic community. Through internal focus and reflection, it serves several vital purposes:

  • Assessment provides an opportunity for the academic community to introspectively evaluate learning goals. This involves a critical examination of how well these goals align with the needs of both students and society.
  • It allows us to scrutinize students' activities, projects, or performances in relation to our expectations. This process is fundamental for understanding the effectiveness of our teaching methods and materials.
  • Assessment offers valuable information to students. It serves as a guide, providing insights into the knowledge, skills, and attributes they can anticipate acquiring upon successful completion of coursework and academic programs.
  • By comprehending the dimensions of student learning, assessment becomes a powerful tool for improving both student achievement and the overall educational process.

In essence, assessment is not merely a measurement tool; it is a catalyst for growth, guiding us in refining our educational approach and ensuring that our students emerge well-equipped for the challenges ahead.


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