British Council Projects

“Global Collaborations for a Brighter Future”

We believe in providing our students with opportunities that transcend borders. We are proud to partner with the British Council, an organization dedicated to fostering international connections, cultural understanding, and skills development.

Through our collaboration with the British Council, our students gain access to a world of possibilities:

  1. International Learning: Our students participate in online school projects that enable them to collaborate with students from different countries. This international exposure broadens their horizons and offers a global perspective.
  2. Skills Enhancement: These projects are not just about learning from books; they are hands-on experiences that develop critical skills, encourage creativity, and instill a sense of global citizenship.
  3. Cultural Understanding: By working with peers from diverse backgrounds, our students develop a better understanding of other cultures and perspectives, promoting tolerance and empathy.
  4. Global Platform: Our collaboration with the British Council provides a platform for our students to showcase their talents and ideas on an international stage.

We are committed to preparing our students for a future that knows no boundaries. Our partnership with the British Council is a testament to our dedication to global education and the bright future it promises for our students.

The School was honored with the British Council ISA School Award for the year 2017-2020 in a function held at The Taj, Santa Cruz, Mumbai by the Director-West Zone of British Council: Ms. Helen Silvester.

British Council Projects



Projects Executed

Academic Year 2017-2018

Grade Project Title
Play (Day + Regular) Shapes
Nursery (Day + Regular) Alphabets
Jr. K.G.  (Day + Regular) Sounds, Rhymes, CVC words
Sr. K.G.  (Day + Regular) Phonic Blends, Good Manners, Maths
1st to 4th Day Awards
5th to 8th Day Album cover based on subject skills
9th Regular Consequences of War.
11th Regular Advertisement
4th to 6th Regular Science in Belief
7th and 8th Regular Aryuveda
1st to 3rd Regular Nutrition

Academic Year 2016-2017

Grade Project Title
1st to 4th Day Global Village Project
5th to 8th Day India: Before & After Independence
9th Regular Rare Existing Animals
1st to 5th Regular Traditional Day
6th Regular Growing Medicinal Plants
7th & 8th Regular Framing of Rules
11th Commerce Commerce Internship Project

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