International Mindedness

“It is required to open minds and put just a spark.
If there is good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire.”


Fostering International Mindedness at Genius School:

We wholeheartedly embrace the concept of International Mindedness. It encompasses an array of virtues—awareness, tolerance, love, concern, care, and sharing—towards all life forms on our planet. Our commitment to International Mindedness extends beyond cultural, regional, racial, and religious confines, aiming to nurture children as truly global citizens.

Key Tenets of International Mindedness:

  • Sensitivity to Diversity: We cultivate a profound sensitivity in children towards people, animals, and the environment. This awareness forms the foundation for their understanding of and respect for the rich tapestry of life.


  • Breaking Barriers: International Mindedness transcends cultural, regional, racial, and religious barriers. We aim to break down these walls, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and promotes unity.


  • Global Perspective across Grades: In every grade, learning engagements are thoughtfully designed within the framework of inquiry themes. These activities are curated to instill a global perspective, encouraging students to think beyond borders and embrace the interconnectedness of our world.

We strongly believe that instilling International Mindedness is not just an educational goal; it's a commitment to shaping compassionate, empathetic, and globally aware individuals.


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