Our Philosophy

To gain Knowledge, just spread it over;
This will lead you towards wisdom


  • Provide a stimulating, safe and supportive environment, in which all our students can aim for success.
  • Provide opportunities for all our students to reach the best levels of achievement of which they are capable.
  • Impart information, skills and processes which prepare students to function effectively in a rapidly changing world.
  • Develop sporting, cultural and social skills.
  • Help our students to develop not only their knowledge but also to gain the skills and understanding necessary for success in the 21st century.
  • Help our students to become active and responsible world citizens.
  • Provide our students with strong moral values, especially tolerance and understanding of different cultures and religions.
  • Celebrate cultural and religious diversity, creating a truly international global environment.
  • Cultivate and encourage in the students an inquisitive nature as well as the love of learning so that both will be lifelong activities.
  • Impart to the students, the methods and disciplines necessary to be able to utilize effective study habits for the rest of their lives. Make full use of opportunities and resources available in the school.
  • Make full use of opportunities and resources available in the school.
  • Recognize the importance and encourage co-operation and communication between home and school.

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