About Campus

The Building

Education is all a matter of building bridges.

Huge playgrounds surround the building, which houses modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. Color, space and light combine to enhance the rooms, the corridors and the labs. From its firm foundation, the school’s building is the reflection of the school’s aspiration to provide a sound base from which students will rise to great heights.

The Building The Building The Building The Building

Science Labs

Scientists are Explorers

  • The school has well-resourced separate laboratories to conduct practical classes of Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  • It is ensured that the laboratories are used right from class VI onwards to make the learning of various science topics interesting and application based.
  • Apparatus, specimens, and chemicals are of the standard quality.
  • The labs are well-ventilated and equipped with first aid and fire distinguishers for safety of the students.
  • The classes are conducted only in the presence of the educators concerned and the lab-assistants.
Science Labs Science Labs Science Labs Science Labs Science Labs Science Labs

I.C.T. Lab

Even though we're miles apart, a Computer Screen connects our hearts.

The School Campus integrates information and communication technology into the curriculum, and thus provides the latest resources in this field. The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet connectivity. The Learning Centre has full computing facility to assist students in projects and research assignments.

I.C.T. Lab

Design & Technology Lab

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

Due to the challenge of innovating for the emerging markets, we use a research paradigm in which we combine two or more of the four critical elements of innovation: usage, design, business and technology. We encourage design thinking as a tool for change and improvement, for which we have a Design and Technology Lab.

Design & Technology Lab Design & Technology Lab Design & Technology Lab

Language Lab

The limit of my Language means the limits of my World.

A Language Lab is setup in the School premises which caters to the necessity of being fluent in English language for the students of Grade 3 to 9 & 11. A trained professional focuses on the vocabulary and fluency development of the students.

Language Lab Language Lab

Math Lab

The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.

A Math Lab has been setup exquisitely for the students to implement practical learning skills of the subject.

Math Lab Math Lab

Robotics Lab

Robotics will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.

A Genius Robotics lab has been setup for the students of Grade 3rd to 11th in which LEGO robotics and STEM-based robotics is taught to the students keeping in mind the upcoming need of Robots.

Robotics Lab

Media Room

A specially designed and fully equipped Media Room has been setup in the School Campus which can be accessed by the Staff, Students and the Invited Guests.

A youtube channel has been initiated for connecting with the audience digitally through many aspects like Social, Educational, Motivational, Spiritual and other subjective topics.

Media Room


The Library is a temple of learning

The Learning Centre is central to each student’s academic progress. In it we have shelf space for some 5000 books, with already a rich collection. In addition, students have access to periodicals and audio-visual resources, the Internet and photocopying facilities. The Learning Centre also supports the archiving of the school’s various learning resources and records.

Our school library occupies tremendous importance in the learning process for the entire school community. The purpose of this valuable resource is to ensure that a lot of learning and teaching outcomes can be achieved through research and reading process.

The library is rich in a variety of books ranging from prescribed textbooks for the school program, reference books as well as recommended reading of certain titles in a specific subject area. There are a number of contemporary books as well as Periodicals, Newspapers, Journals. The library has online resources such as internet connectivity for all workstations and silent areas to enable students to engage in online research.

Online catalogue system is used for tracking the available list of books and can be accessed by members.

The Librarian is actively involved in the addition of new resources by interacting with teachers and coordinators to add new books each year.

The Librarian assumes an important role in the research and learning process by guiding students to the appropriate reference materials.

Library Library Library


A Classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.

Genius School has Classrooms with interactive white board, projector & computer.

All child friendly class rooms are spacious with optimal temperature conducive to learning. We follow a multi-pronged approach in teaching which is interactive and enquiry based. Our teaching sessions involve the learners actively and thereby enhance the learning process. Whiteboards and other audio-visual aids further supplement classroom teaching.

Every classroom has a distinct display and writing board, custom made furniture and a provision for broadband Internet connection. It also has the smart class facility which helps the teachers to teach digitally. The higher grade classrooms are equipped in accordance with the specifications of examination board.

Classroom Classroom

Sprots Grounds

You can't Win unless you learn how to Loose.

The adjacent playground includes a grass pitch. Sports and Performing Arts are integral criteria to the overall development of students. This provides all necessary facilities to encourage the students. There is a multi-purpose court for Football, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis and Volleyball. Here children are coached for state and national level competitions. A Roller skating rink, equipped with safety measures is used to train our budding roller-skaters. A spacious Swimming Pool with a trained coach is also located within the campus only. Activities like Meditation, Yoga and theatre are conducted in special rooms and Athletics track, Archery and Riffle Shooting area providing opportunity for a range of outdoor sports.

Sprots Grounds Sprots Grounds Sprots Grounds

Music Room

Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the Mind, flight to the Imagination and life to everything.

At Genius School, music is considered as an important art to be emphasized upon. The students re-energize themselves by attending the music workshop once a week. The music workshop has a trained faculty and students are encouraged to choose any one of the following instruments to specialize upon as per their interest:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Guitar
  3. Drums
  4. Congo
  5. Octaped
  6. Dholak
  7. Tabla
  8. Singing
  9. Harmonium
Music Room Music Room

Dance Room

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but Dancing with the heart is another.

The Dance Room provides opportunity for enhancing the art of relaxation and concentration and to foster a healthy body, mind and soul.

Indoor Games

Life is more fun if you play Games.

Genius School emphasizes on Indoor games as they provide eye-hand-brain co-ordination and also help in increasing the quickness of response in a child. We, at Genius School provide facilities and trained staff for the following indoor games:

  1. Chess
  2. Carom
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Rifle Shooting
  5. Badminton
  6. Archery
Indoor Games Indoor Games Indoor Games

Arts Workshop

The true work of Art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

Genius School has a well-modified room for art workshop which is stacked with different arts and craft specimens prepared under the guidance of trained faculty.

The students are free to practice and expertise their hands on and to express their inner feelings through the medium of art and palette of colours.

Arts Workshop Arts Workshop


The goal of this process is to restore and build relationships.

For a good pursuit of knowledge, the right of ambience is essential. Genius has separate residential facilities for boys and girls. Jay International School hostels are spacious, airy, clean and hygienic to say the least. Experienced rectors are available at all times for guidance and counseling. The students are accommodated in groups, so that they do not feel uneasy in the new surroundings. It makes it easy for them to acclimatize to the situation and settle down fast. Constant up gradation of facilities is done to provide the right atmosphere for the students.

Facilities provided at the hostel:

  1. Nutritious and Balanced Meals
  2. Laundry Facility
  3. Grooming Facility
  4. Accommodation & Hot Water Facility
  5. First Aid at School Level
  6. Personality Development Sessions
  7. Soft Skills Development Sessions
  8. Communication Skills Development Sessions
  9. Tuition Facility till Std.10 (daily 1.5 hours)
  10. Educational Visits
  11. Recreational Activities
  12. Mass P.T/Yoga Sessions
  13. Daily Evening Sports
  14. Hostel Assembly
  15. Om Chanting and Meditation


Auditorium is a weapon to channel the knowledge to the subjective Mass.

This is an exquisite part of the school which aims to conduct Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Faculty Development Programs, Annual Day Celebrations, etc. It is equipped with High end Projection facility, Sound System etc. Interior atmosphere significantly enhance passive Cooling, while natural lighting and ventilation that surround the auditorium will provide the audience a rejuvenating feeling. This massive Hall is characterized by an eye-catching architecture which creates inspiration for viewers. This hall provides space for the accommodation of more than 175 people.

Auditorium Auditorium


Step by step, inch by inch, you'll get there. It's all a process. Enjoy the journey!

The School is on the edge of the city. However, in order to enable the faculty and the students to commute easily to and fro from the School, we have made necessary transport arrangements. 30 buses run exclusively for this facility. The students and the staff members are picked up at various places from the city.

The School operates 30 bus routes throughout the City.



Eat healthy! Feel healthy! Be healthy!

We emphasize to provide healthy & nutritious food to our children. We have a in-house Cafeteria with a large Dining Space.

Security & Safety

First Aid Safety & CCTV


The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. School keeps the medical centre open throughout the school day.



Genius School Campus has the tight security system in a variety of ways. We limit the access to the property by locking all unmonitored entrances. Visitors are also issued distinct identification that they are required to wear while on campus. School has assigned specific individuals to monitor campus perimeters and hallways. School personnel also conduct routine security inspections of the exterior and interior of the campus and report any suspicious activity to school officials. Surveillance cameras are inbuilt in the whole campus, starting right from the school gate to the interiors inclusive of all the areas.


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