Learning Engagement

The curriculum has been prepared with great concern so that each student’s potential is realized. It does not burden the child; rather it makes learning enjoyable. Each child is considered to be unique and the commitment is to give a creative environment that is activity based and is close to real life. Emphasis is on observation and experimentation with the use of medium and techniques that children enjoy. The approach is to equip the students with the right tools to acquire knowledge and not simply to stuff them with information.


How true is it said by Albert Einstein that:-
Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

It is often mentioned that the formative age group of 2-5 are the foundation years of a human being. The experiences during these years contribute to a strong sub-conscience which can either foster or deter individual progress. However, this is sadly ignored and success is conventionally measured in numbers alone!!! Little does one realize that the human mind is a confluence of experiences and numbers alone cannot interpret and help assimilate life!

Genius School understands the importance of these critical formative years. Based on the key principles of individual attention, progressive thinking and life skills, we have embarked on a journey of contributing to the creation of a generation which has the presence of mind and skills essential to manage life with dignity and intelligence.

The curriculum implemented at Genius School contributes to achieving an inclusive development of the child with emphasis on the psychological, intellectual, and physical development of the little GENIUSIANS It is camaraderie of concepts, art, craft, play and activities designed to achieve physical and mental dexterity at the child’s own pace. The curriculum, its implementation and fostering a healthy teacher- child-parent relationship aims at providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment to the little GENIUSIANS.


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