International Mindedness

“It is required to open minds and put just a spark.
If there is good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire.”

Of the various profiles, attitudes, skills and multiple intelligences that we strive to imbibe in children in the Primary years at Genius School, one learning that takes precedence over all others is International Mindedness.

International Mindedness is the awareness, tolerance, love, concern, caring and sharing of all things and living beings on Earth. International Mindedness is making children sensitive towards people, animals and the environment. It crosses all cultural, regional, race and religious barriers and helps to make children truly global. All grades conceive learning engagements within the inquiry theme to encourage International mindedness.

Similarly every class allows children to explore and adapt International Mindedness at all times. Moreover every class encourages caring,sharing and cooperating with one another. Children frequently exhibit International mindedness by respecting variance and differences amongst one another. During the inquiry on Sharing the Planet, children were sensitized to the issue of endangered animals.


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