Highlights of the Program


The school prepares its students to attain mastery in the following curricular:


At this stage, our program enables our young children develop their cognitive and motor skills. Through each unit of inquiry, the students’ curiosity and imagination is sparked by exposing them to a new world of learning. ‘Tender loving care’ is the new catalyst in our classrooms.


At this stage, students are exposed to a vibrant world of learning as they think independently and explore new concepts and accept greater challenges. Our program enables students to explore trans-disciplinary themes through the lines of inquiry or six organizing themes visually:

  1. Who we are?
  2. Where we are in place and time?
  3. How we express ourselves?
  4. How the world works?
  5. How we organize ourselves?
  6. Sharing the planet?

Each theme deals with issues having global significance, which gives students the opportunity to explore, wonder, question and make connections between experiences in real life and the learning in a structured sense. The curriculum integrates essential elements of skills, attitudes, concepts, knowledge and action to foster in students authentic learning experiences using social, thinking, communication, self-management and research skills, while focusing on personal attitudes towards people and the environment and going beyond classrooms to exhibit their commitment through action in a concept-driven structured inquiry of the six themes.


At this stage, the pace of academic demand is accelerated and students are gradually prepared to forge ahead. Students gain a strong foundation and develop into holistic beings. During these years, the smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by a comprehensive, value- added education. The academic challenges become the focus as the students start preparing for the Achievement tests. The syllabus has been designed to equip students with comprehensive and conceptual knowledge of the subjects.


At this stage, the Central Board affiliated program is undertaken. Students become more focused through their career choices. The focus is on equipping students for higher-based education. In these final years of schooling, students are given an opportunity to exhibit their leadership qualities and emerge as responsible citizens of the world. The syllabi help students to develop problem solving and analytical skills and the ability to apply knowledge.

The benchmark of our school is the ability to develop an all-round global citizen by offering challenging experiential learning activities. All activities within and outside the school environment are designed, executed and evaluated based on this vital yardstick. We believe that our students can excel in an environment that is both motivating and energetic. The teaching of our curriculum takes place on the basis of such a belief. Our curriculum not only keeps up with the latest educational trends but also provides a wide variety of hands-on application avenues that makes it both challenging and rewarding. In short, we at Genius School, make your child’s schooling years a true celebration!

At Genius School, our curriculum encapsulates the five essential elements in every sense by using the six units of inquiry. Right through the primary years, there is ample evidence of this integration in the celebration of festivals and the traditional rituals associated with them, preparation of salads and simple healthy meals and individual presentations using technology.


Going on field trips is an interesting means of making connections with real life experiences. Students undertake trips to banks, super markets, gardens and old age homes and reflect on their offsite learning in classrooms. New refreshing perspectives help them develop their thinking and communication skills. They get more confident and curious about the world, its people and cultures. The exhibition is undertaken every year which is the culminating year of their primary years. It is a celebration of all that they have imbibed. Their research based skill is enhanced to the fullest when they gather information on various issues like scarce resources, marine life, child exploitation, musical instruments, habitats and global warming. The exhibition is a whole school initiative and every student puts up a theme based project with lots of interactions, presentations on charts and videos. Many students use the performing art of role plays and skits to bring home the message. Views and opinions of visitors and parents are collected through questionnaires and later on collated in the class as a part of the inquiry theme. There is a spirit of personal and shared responsibility in every aspect of this endeavor. The whole school works towards this event in a collaborative atmosphere. Real life issues and problems, when taken out of the classroom context become all the more enriching as was the case, when students put up a skit in Hindi, the national language on `peace and war’ in a busy station. Messages like these which can become preachy in a formal setting only retain their endearing aspect when they are listened to from the mouths of children.

Cross-curriculum is kept in mind wherever feasible. If science talks of the advantages of healthy foods, numeracy would take students out of the classroom to supermarkets to purchase healthy foods, pay the price and receive the correct change and PE would help them remain healthy through yoga and exercises outdoors.

The assessment format takes the form of student-led conferences, wherein students explain what they have learnt. Thus, they become responsible for their own learning. Reflection sheets, formative assessments and summative assessments provide information to both parents and teachers. Students’ progress is displayed as a check on the learner profiles, skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge that they have gained in any year.


Morning assemblies take up various themes on a daily basis and students go into their classes with the message that an assembly brings, to enable them to face each day.

Assemblies lay emphasis on the commonalities facing this fragile planet, whether it is a cause to celebrate, a problem to solve, an issue to debate on or a hope to live on.


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